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Introduction & venues for courses, Mums & Dads welcome

NEXT COURSE - Wednesday 12th september 2018




Does your baby suffer from Colic and constipation?

Do you have PND ? Why not try out meTIME Baby Massage Therapy.


Classes are run by a fully qualified massage therapist/pregnancy/aroma therapist and baby massage instructor with CRB check and first aid qualifed .

A great place to bond with your baby in a relaxing environment whilst gaining knowledge & learning the techniques to massage your little one with confidence.


You will also receive an information pack, hand outs every week and a certifcate on completion of course. FREE homemade Aromatherapy massage oil, ABC samples availabable, gift bag with goodies for attending the class.


The techniques you will learn through the 6 week course are so beneficial to you & your child as well as building the bond between mother & child you are also socialising in the class. Making new friends in a warm, secure & friendly environment.




There are many benefits of Baby Massage


  • Reduces tension and helps sleep patterns also aids self calm dealing with stress in later life

  • Stimulates the baby’s circulation

  • Strengthens the baby’s immune system

  • Aids relaxation

  • Improves sensory awareness with tactile sensation

  • Gives a sense of security and comfort

  • Helps colic, provides natural pain relief

  • Encourages co-ordination/fine and gross motor skills

  • Stimulates the relationship between baby and parent

  • Helps baby to develop first language

  • Encourages flexibility



  • Helps parents feel more in control

  • Deepens and strengthens the relationship between baby and parents by bonding and attachments.

  • Helps parents to read baby’s cues/non verbal signs

  • Can help reduce stress

  • Builds mutual respect

  • Provides special time for you & baby

  • Helps parents to become more confident & competent in handling your baby.


Preparation for massage checklist for parent

  • Before a massage please find an area that you feel comfortable in your home. Remove pets from the room.

  • The area need to be clear and find a comfortable space which is not too stimulating with natural lighting.

  • Temperature of the room should be comfortable, not too cold to undress your baby.

  • Noise should be kept to a minimal as this could be a distraction.

  • Calming music can be played if you or baby wants.

  • Ensure your baby has been fed  30 / 40 minutes before or after a massage

  • Parents ensure your nails are short to prevent scratching your baby

  • Have a changing mat to hand

  • Scratch mitt` s

  • Two towels

  • A pillow for you to sit on

  • Spare nappy

  • Comforter toy to help calm


Items provided for the class:

  •  Calming music

  •  Tissues

  •  Practice doll

  •  Organic oils as medium

  •  Consultation sheets


Reasons why you may consider Massage:

  • Here are some aliments/conditions which massage can help with:

  • Colic and wind

  • Aiding digestion and elimination of waste materials

  • Constipation

  • Coughs and colds

  • Eczema

  • Fractious crying

  • Sleeping problems

  • Teething

  • Hyperactive

  • Parent with post natural depression

  • Cerebral palsy

  • Autism
























The Wellness Centre

23 Fairbanks, Sowerby Bridge,


HX6 2AB (10-11AM)


                       meTIME Baby Massage Therapy

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"Both Albie and I have thoroughly enjoyed the baby massage course ,we have learnt really useful and relaxing massage techniques which are easy to implement at home.

The course was delivered in a friendly and professional manner and I would highly recommend the course to other mummies.

Thank you Mel "


Heidi and Albie

"Calm , fun and enjoyable sessions Mel is very good at explaining techniques and ensuring that the mother and Baby get the best from each session . Thank you"


Jenny & Freddie

"Really enjoyed it Learning the techniques and bonding with Emma.  Good tips from Mel about which oils to use for different things"


Sarah & Emma